Out on Adventure

Yesterday we had fantastic weather for summers first Combo Tour. We headed out at 10am with nice warm weather and rode down the beach and through the forrest to the cliff for some abseiling and climbing!

“Hows the serenity”

It is always a relaxing feeling riding down the beach.  Even if it is a little tough on the legs, i always seem to think, “Hows the serenity”. it is somehow peacefull even though the lactic acid is building up as i pump the pedals on the bike to get me over the softer sand.  We paused for a photo at Näset before headindg into the forrest

ImageThen it was time for abseiling. Everyone made it down safely and were ready for a climb.

What a group. I really had to pull out the harder climbs to set a challenge for these Guys and Girls. The all flew up the first climb like it was a playground, so we headed on to a more difficult route to push them a little. Everyone gave it a good shot and it pushed both the climber and the wall to limits!



We finnished off the tour with a real muddy and bumpy mountainbike through the bush. It was a fantasic finnish to an adrenalin filled day!



So if you want to come and see the hidden beauties of the Swedish west coast, come and see us at Västkust Äventyr.  http://vastkustaventyr.se/index.html


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Positive vs Negative


It is amazing how positive energy can lift us at any given moment and to contrast, how negativity can drag us down. It is so easy to lose focus on our goals when the people around us start to tell us we can not get there! They can suck the life out of us if we let them and if it is the people we think  care about us saying these things then we can easily believe them. It is good to have some of these people around to keep us motivated, to prove them wrong, but I believe it is important to gather the strong, positive people in your life around you and keep them close.

they will be there whether you laugh or cry

Im not talking about the coddlers that tell you everything you do is right or perfekt, im talking about the people who will be strong and question you when you are wrong or doubtfull, then support you on your decisions right or wrong! they will be there whether you laugh or cry, weather you succeed or fail, weather you are rich or poor! These are true friends!

It will be worth it!

If it was meant to be easy, it would not be a challenge. If it was easy then someone else would have already done it! It is going to be hard, it should be hard, it will take hard work and time to complete, but it will be worth it.

So set your goals high, Gather the people around you that support you, that motivate you, you and congratulate you when you achieve something!


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Fear of Failure


The fear of failure deters so many people from achieving their goals. I myself can not understand this because for me the strength of curiosity is so great that this fear is almost totally eradicated!

I think that for all out there that have this fear of underachievment or failure should try to harness the strength of curiosity instead. It is as simple as asking yourself HOW CAN I, or  I WONDER HOW, instead of I CAN’T. How far, how fast, how long, how high, could i go if i set my mind to it??? Only you then can prove this to yourself! Start planning, first mentally then if required physically. we all have goals and dreams we want to achieve and let small hinders obstruct our path!

In my work i often hear people say “they cant” to training related activities. We can take for example setting a goal to run the local 10km fun run! Soooo many people say, “oh i could never run 10km”. I dont understand how simply these words come out, For me whenever a, i will call it a Challenge, comes up, i immediately begin to calculate what i would need to do to achieve it. I mean of course im not talking about going out and winning the local 10km race, just completing it at YOUR pace. if you then decide to set a goal time to achieve then that is fantastic, but just setting up a goal and completing it is a huge accomplishment!

 Have I done everything in my power to achieve MY goal?

So next time an opportunity comes up, Dont say i cant at the first drop of a coin. Ask yourself How. What would i need to do to achieve this? And then when you try and if failure seems to be in sight. ask yourself, Have I done everything in my power to achieve MY goal? When you can unconditionally say yes to that, Then you can start looking at other paths to get there!

We are all strong and need to remind ourselves of this on a regular basis because others will not do it for us. So get up, get out and GO GET YOUR GOALS.!


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Gothenburg done and dusted. Göteborgs varvet is the

Gothenburg done and dusted. Göteborgs varvet is the name of the worlds largest annual half marathon, and yesterday i and 45 000 other runners headed out in the heat of the day and smashed out 21km of hard bitumen. I am not much of a road runner really. i prefer the off road, trailrunnig, bush bashing, but the opportunity to run the worlds largest half mara was a too great to pass up. A real carnival. An estimated 200 000 people lining the streets cheering us on the whole way.

The race started at 1pm with the heat of the afternoon sun beating down on us. At a guess i would say about 25 degrees when we headed out. It was my first time running in gothenburg and first time at half marathon distance so judging pace was a bit of guess work. i went prety much on feeling on this one and it felt prety good the whole way really.  With thousands of other runners all battling for PBs, it was very crowded for the first 5km making it hard to keep a steady pace. alot of wasted energy stopping and starting to get around slower runners. The road opened up over the first bridge on the uphill.

It was a fantastic experiece with people out hosing us off with their garden hoses as we ran past, kids spraying us with water pistols. A good laugh all the way! good work to all who ran in the stinking hot weather!

I came in with a respectable time of 1h 25min 33sec. it gave me a 201st place of 45 000 so i cant be disapointed with that. a good test run for Stockholm marathon!

Placering 201
Placering (Åldersklass) 42
Totaltid 01:25:33
Genomsnittsfart 04.04 min/km
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SUP (Stand up Paddling)

When im not out running i love to keep myself active. My other passions are climbing, surfing Mountainbiking and i have just started teaching myself Stand up Paddling or SUP. It is a great way to keep the upper body in shape and get a good cardio workout whilst catching some rays and enjoying the harmony of the ocean!

Highly recomend it. Give it a go next time you get the chance.


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Salomon Trail Tour Falkenberg

Today I had the pleasure of running the first Salomon Trail Tour Falkenberg! It was an exciting event with some extremely talented runners leading the pack!

The race was 80% sand and most of that up in the sand dunes, 4 times out running in the ocean, then back up in the sand dunes. As you can probably imagine its prety tough on the legs! The pace at the start of the race was cracking, at 3:20min/km i think most of us were out a little fast but it settled once we hit the first sandunes!

It is amazing how much you can lift when you have people shouting your name from the sidelines.

” Come on, you can do it”,”your the best” it can really lift you when you get a little low! I had a home advantage today with the best cheersquad! I mean there were people spread out over the whole course Screaming “COME ON DERMOT”, It was the greatest feeling! So next time someone you know is going out to comete in a public event, go out and cheer them on. It takes so little effort for such great reward and who knows you might even enjoy it!


I stuck to my guns and kept as much of an even pace as one can in and out, up and down the sand dunes and came in a respectable 8th place.

I had the pleasure of meeting the winner Andreas Svanebo after the race. A very humble character with extremely fast legs!

I hope to run a few more Salomon Trail Tours this year we will have to see how it goes. I think alot of them are already fully booked!

It will be fun to run the race again next yearImageImageImageImageImage

ImageWinner of todays 10km race,  Andreas SvaneboImage


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Amazing contrast to the ideas other shark documentries and films give out! what an amazing person!
Just understanding and appreciating the environment around us can make all the difference!

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