Out on Adventure

Yesterday we had fantastic weather for summers first Combo Tour. We headed out at 10am with nice warm weather and rode down the beach and through the forrest to the cliff for some abseiling and climbing!

“Hows the serenity”

It is always a relaxing feeling riding down the beach.  Even if it is a little tough on the legs, i always seem to think, “Hows the serenity”. it is somehow peacefull even though the lactic acid is building up as i pump the pedals on the bike to get me over the softer sand.  We paused for a photo at Näset before headindg into the forrest

ImageThen it was time for abseiling. Everyone made it down safely and were ready for a climb.

What a group. I really had to pull out the harder climbs to set a challenge for these Guys and Girls. The all flew up the first climb like it was a playground, so we headed on to a more difficult route to push them a little. Everyone gave it a good shot and it pushed both the climber and the wall to limits!



We finnished off the tour with a real muddy and bumpy mountainbike through the bush. It was a fantasic finnish to an adrenalin filled day!



So if you want to come and see the hidden beauties of the Swedish west coast, come and see us at Västkust Äventyr.  http://vastkustaventyr.se/index.html


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