Positive vs Negative


It is amazing how positive energy can lift us at any given moment and to contrast, how negativity can drag us down. It is so easy to lose focus on our goals when the people around us start to tell us we can not get there! They can suck the life out of us if we let them and if it is the people we think  care about us saying these things then we can easily believe them. It is good to have some of these people around to keep us motivated, to prove them wrong, but I believe it is important to gather the strong, positive people in your life around you and keep them close.

they will be there whether you laugh or cry

Im not talking about the coddlers that tell you everything you do is right or perfekt, im talking about the people who will be strong and question you when you are wrong or doubtfull, then support you on your decisions right or wrong! they will be there whether you laugh or cry, weather you succeed or fail, weather you are rich or poor! These are true friends!

It will be worth it!

If it was meant to be easy, it would not be a challenge. If it was easy then someone else would have already done it! It is going to be hard, it should be hard, it will take hard work and time to complete, but it will be worth it.

So set your goals high, Gather the people around you that support you, that motivate you, you and congratulate you when you achieve something!


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