Fear of Failure


The fear of failure deters so many people from achieving their goals. I myself can not understand this because for me the strength of curiosity is so great that this fear is almost totally eradicated!

I think that for all out there that have this fear of underachievment or failure should try to harness the strength of curiosity instead. It is as simple as asking yourself HOW CAN I, or  I WONDER HOW, instead of I CAN’T. How far, how fast, how long, how high, could i go if i set my mind to it??? Only you then can prove this to yourself! Start planning, first mentally then if required physically. we all have goals and dreams we want to achieve and let small hinders obstruct our path!

In my work i often hear people say “they cant” to training related activities. We can take for example setting a goal to run the local 10km fun run! Soooo many people say, “oh i could never run 10km”. I dont understand how simply these words come out, For me whenever a, i will call it a Challenge, comes up, i immediately begin to calculate what i would need to do to achieve it. I mean of course im not talking about going out and winning the local 10km race, just completing it at YOUR pace. if you then decide to set a goal time to achieve then that is fantastic, but just setting up a goal and completing it is a huge accomplishment!

 Have I done everything in my power to achieve MY goal?

So next time an opportunity comes up, Dont say i cant at the first drop of a coin. Ask yourself How. What would i need to do to achieve this? And then when you try and if failure seems to be in sight. ask yourself, Have I done everything in my power to achieve MY goal? When you can unconditionally say yes to that, Then you can start looking at other paths to get there!

We are all strong and need to remind ourselves of this on a regular basis because others will not do it for us. So get up, get out and GO GET YOUR GOALS.!


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One Response to Fear of Failure

  1. jcmalc says:

    Awesome attitude! Love it.

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