Gothenburg done and dusted. Göteborgs varvet is the

Gothenburg done and dusted. Göteborgs varvet is the name of the worlds largest annual half marathon, and yesterday i and 45 000 other runners headed out in the heat of the day and smashed out 21km of hard bitumen. I am not much of a road runner really. i prefer the off road, trailrunnig, bush bashing, but the opportunity to run the worlds largest half mara was a too great to pass up. A real carnival. An estimated 200 000 people lining the streets cheering us on the whole way.

The race started at 1pm with the heat of the afternoon sun beating down on us. At a guess i would say about 25 degrees when we headed out. It was my first time running in gothenburg and first time at half marathon distance so judging pace was a bit of guess work. i went prety much on feeling on this one and it felt prety good the whole way really.  With thousands of other runners all battling for PBs, it was very crowded for the first 5km making it hard to keep a steady pace. alot of wasted energy stopping and starting to get around slower runners. The road opened up over the first bridge on the uphill.

It was a fantastic experiece with people out hosing us off with their garden hoses as we ran past, kids spraying us with water pistols. A good laugh all the way! good work to all who ran in the stinking hot weather!

I came in with a respectable time of 1h 25min 33sec. it gave me a 201st place of 45 000 so i cant be disapointed with that. a good test run for Stockholm marathon!

Placering 201
Placering (Åldersklass) 42
Totaltid 01:25:33
Genomsnittsfart 04.04 min/km
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