Salomon Trail Tour Falkenberg

Today I had the pleasure of running the first Salomon Trail Tour Falkenberg! It was an exciting event with some extremely talented runners leading the pack!

The race was 80% sand and most of that up in the sand dunes, 4 times out running in the ocean, then back up in the sand dunes. As you can probably imagine its prety tough on the legs! The pace at the start of the race was cracking, at 3:20min/km i think most of us were out a little fast but it settled once we hit the first sandunes!

It is amazing how much you can lift when you have people shouting your name from the sidelines.

” Come on, you can do it”,”your the best” it can really lift you when you get a little low! I had a home advantage today with the best cheersquad! I mean there were people spread out over the whole course Screaming “COME ON DERMOT”, It was the greatest feeling! So next time someone you know is going out to comete in a public event, go out and cheer them on. It takes so little effort for such great reward and who knows you might even enjoy it!


I stuck to my guns and kept as much of an even pace as one can in and out, up and down the sand dunes and came in a respectable 8th place.

I had the pleasure of meeting the winner Andreas Svanebo after the race. A very humble character with extremely fast legs!

I hope to run a few more Salomon Trail Tours this year we will have to see how it goes. I think alot of them are already fully booked!

It will be fun to run the race again next yearImageImageImageImageImage

ImageWinner of todays 10km race,  Andreas SvaneboImage


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