Oooops, You are not alone on this planet

This weekend we have a 10km race in the local sand dunes. it will crave alot of leg strength and determination to run it in an acceptable time. So yesterday i rode my bike in and did some training in the dunes. A tuesday afternoon, nice enough weather, no one on the beach, perfect.

So i get a bit of speed going, the legs are burning a bit with the up hills but you try and use the downhill to get up the next with some speed, and AAAAAAAhhhhhhh. Screams from half naked women laying and sunbaking in the dunes. Of course they look at me like i am some kind of perverted criminal and i keep running appologising the whole time. My heart jumps into my mouth with the next round of screams as i come over the next dunes, and the next. They are everywhere.

OMG, come on. go lay on the beach or something. They all look at me like i have done something wrong and they are going to call the police or something. If you are going to lay out half naked in a public place, expect someone to see you. you are not alone on this planet! I have as much right to run on the dunes as you have to get naked in them.

Well i hope they are ther on sunday when 200 runners come through the same spot!

I cut my run short in the end. i felt uncomfortable running into all these halfnaked sunbakers, and i had planned to run back along the dunes but i went down to the road and took the easy way back.

Keep on running!

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