Well Saturday turned out to be a more exciting day than planned. A freind had to pull out of a race he had planned so i hopped in and took his place. it was an obstacle course of 8km running with over 20 different obstacles. It was an interesting challenge with a great group of people. 

We were to start in a later start group with start time 15:27 to be precis but when we approached the start line att 15:20 to wait for our start they yelled us to the front and said it was our group starting now, and BANG. Off we go. wow Wasnt ready for that one now were we!


We hopped over logs and water, ran through chest deep water, through soft sand, up hills, down hills, over scaffolding, over nets, barrells in the wate,r hay stack,s tyre stacks you name it. it was a fantastic way to spoil a nice run! no just kidding!

I came in in 8th place of 1200 so it wasnt a catastrophy, but that time could have been improved so next year will have to be a revenge match!

more photos to come

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