More scaffold to the people!

Building scaffold.,

ställning, byggnadsställning, Falkenberg, Varberg

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New Job, New goals


Building scaffold in sweden is a true test of character. Temperatures down to -20deg celcius in the Winter make you Think twice about grabbing frozen pipes.

Varberg, Sweden. scaffolding. ställningimage12.jpeg


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Living the dream

What a month! After Stockholm Marathon I headed down to slovakia for a few days to run in the mountains. Had an absolute blast down there but had to get home for work.  Got home on the Thursday and started my AFF skydiving course. 6 days of intense, Life saving in formation cramming into my head. So much new information, important information, so fast. It was a little intimidating knowing that this information was all that was standing between me  pulling out my parashute, and me hitting the ground!

Well it all went fantastic anyway. I passed the theory and practical ground exams and got the all clear to start my jumps with instructors. Now the fun begins.

My first jump was amazing! Prety intimidating.standing at the door the first time and having to jump out. Trying to remember all that information at the same time as your heart is climbing out your mouth is a task! But totally worth it!

I completed my my first 3 jumps on Monday and 4 more on Tuesday, so now i have completed all my AFF jumps and have just 3 jumpmaster jumps left till i get my A licence!



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Mountain Running at its best!!


Home from Stockholm marathon on sunday and had to keep the legs moving. So headed straight out and mowed the lawns before a well earned Pizza dinner!  Monday morning was a hectik morning with lots of work to do and planning to get done for a running camp down in Slovakia! Then it was off to the airport tuesday with Henrik and down into the Tatras mountains for some high altitude training.


A good Mate Joe came and picked us up from the airport and dropped us in the mountains where we accumulated over 2000 verticle meters and ran for around 7 hours at over 1600meters above see level. running around beautiful mountain lakes and over streams and snow. it was an incredible experience.


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The harsh truth of failure!

Well Stockholm marathon is now over and yet my goal of a 3 hour marathon still remains incomplete! The word disapointed does not even come close to describing how i felt when i crossed the finnish line 11 minutes past the 3 hour mark! Yes for many 3:11 is a good time and many say i did well but MY GOAL was 3 hours and I had a plan.

3 hours will go, its just a matter of when!

Everything was according to plan until 2h:06 min when i passed the 30km mark. I had 53 mins to run the last 12 km in which should have been a done deal! CRAMP…….CRAMP…….CRAMP! That was that.  Between 30 and 42km i cramped like crazy. my calves gave me hell the whole way home. I had bruising (probably bloodvessel burst) from the cramps and they of course got worse and worse. The last 12km took me 64.5 mins of calf ripping pain! The only thing that was worse than the pain in my legs was the disapointment of not breaking the 3 hour mark. My legs were just a blur compared to this pain! I set my goal with the realization that i could fail, but believed truely that it would go all the way!

But now it is back to training, new week, new challenges. Some mountain running and jumping out of planes is on the agender for June. so time to get my mind set on new goals but 3 hours will go, its just a matter of when!

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Well said

I couldnt have said it better so a repost is in order!

Click the link.

You Belong Here..

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42km, 3 hours

Well the days are counting down now. Just four more days and i will either accomplish my goal of three hours  for a marathon or have a long disapointed bus ride home on sunday!

I have gone over the racecourse map and profile and worked out my race plan. I still have to buy some gells and work out how to cary them. And then 1 more training session before race day!

3 hour Stockholm here i come!


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